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Are you looking for a cool adventure next to your studies at TU Delft? Then Delft Challenge is what you're searching for.
Delft Challenge Sailing Team is the current Corinthian Youth World Champion in the J/70 class. 
To achieve this, we train hard throughout the winter at the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club KNZ&RV Muiden to arrive in top shape on race day. 

Aside from racing fast sailboats, Delft Challenge Sailing Team is an excellent platform to develop your soft skills because we organise all aspects of the sailing campaign ourselves. Think of sponsor acquisition, campaign financial management, social media marketing, logistics, and much more! 

J70 Europeans Argentario CNVA Delft Challenge.jpg
We sail every weekend, except during the exam period. Furthermore, we have a weekly meeting and we need to complete some tasks to keep the organisation running, more information on this during the event.
To try what is it being part of Delft Challenge Sailing Team for a day, sign up
via the form to the tryout day on Sunday 8th of September 2024 at KNZ&RV Muiden. If you can't make it that day then contact us.
Media and shore crew

Do you have a passion for social media and media management? Then we have a spot for you. We are active on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. During the past year, we managed to increase from 100 to 900 followers on Instagram, with a reel reaching 200k views while growing with the other platforms too.

Contact us to continue this growth.

If you have different interests and would like to join the team please contact us.

THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION but you will have the possibility to travel and follow the team at a negligible price.

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