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OC&C Womens Sailing Day

Champagne Sailing for aspiring consultants

OC&C Womens Sailing Day

On May 18th we had the pleasure of showing OC&C representatives and female TU Delft students seeking for a career opportunity in Strategy consultancy.

What better way to see if a company matches your expectations than to go sailing with the recruiters and consultants working there!

The day started of with a coffee at the club. After a safety breefing and an introduction to OC&C it was time to start sailing. First we went out for some practice runs. We were very impressed with the progress of the attendees so they were able to quickly participate in some exciting races. We ended the day with a nice drink at the pampusbar with the great view of the Muiderslot in the background.

We had great fun helping OC&C connect to potential new staff and TU Delft students to an exciting strategy consultancy firm!

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